A basement renovation is a popular home improvement project in the United States. This is because it holds a lot of space that can be used to create a variety of spaces that suit your needs. A basement renovation can add a family or extra bedroom, as well as a bathroom and recreation area, a home gym, home office, craft room, and even a toy room.

The most important part of your basement renovation is selecting a great flooring option. It should look great, feel comfortable, and be able to work on concrete bases, which can sometimes cause moisture problems.

We have good news for homeowners who thought hardwood floors were impossible to find due to excessive moisture. We have an option for homeowners who love solid hardwood floors: engineered wood flooring.


Engineered wood floors have been designed to be used where moisture is not controlled. Instead of a single piece of wood which can warp when exposed, engineered wood planks consist of several layers of wood. They are glued, pressed, heated and then covered with a thin veneer. This reduces the likelihood of flooring warping. An engineered hardwood flooring is just as beautiful as a solid floor. It is usually pre-finished so that it is ready for immediate use.


Engineered wood floors must be installed on top of a moisture barrier and an underlayment. The humidity levels below ground are too variable to skip the additional protection provided by a moisture barrier. You can use glue-down to protect your finished floor from moisture fluctuations below it. Professional installation is a better option.

There are many beautiful hardwood flooring options available today, and professionals can install them with moisture barriers and underlayments. You won’t be disappointed if you have a basement that is hardwood-flooring-friendly!

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How to Choose the Right Color for Hardwood Floors

Once you have selected the species of your hardwood, the next step would be to pick up the ideal color. Choosing the right color for hardwood floors is one of the most important factors you need to consider, as it can make a big difference in the way a room looks and feels.

Although this is a decision that solely depends on your own preferences, you definitely don’t want to go wrong with it. Hardwood flooring is one of the most expensive decoration decision that you’ll ever make and in order to avoid costly and embarrassing mistakes you need to ensure that the color will greatly enhance the beauty of your home décor.

However, choosing the right color can be incredibly frustrating with so many options available nowadays. Here are some tips to help you decide which one fits best with your home décor.

Things to consider when choosing the right color for hardwood floors

Which wood species did you choose?

The wood species you’ve chosen for your wood floor will make a big difference in your color options. Oak for example, which is one of the most popular hardwood flooring options, offers you the most color choices. Some other wood species such as maple or pine, look better when left natural.

Bring home flooring samples:

Flooring samples is something you must take fully advantage of. Visit your local hardwood flooring showroom and choose some samples to take home with you. This will allow you to test several styles and get a full picture of how your floor will look like. In addition, you will be able to see which color matches best with your existing furniture and lighting, all in the comfort of your own home. Make sure you look at the samples both in daylight and during the night with the artificial lights on.

Take a wood cabinet sample with you in the showroom:

When visiting your local hardwood flooring showroom, take along a wood cabinet sample with you. This will help you to choose flooring samples easier, as you can determine which colors coordinate best with the items you brought to the store.

Consider the existing furniture of the room:

If you have existing furniture in the room such as sofas, cabinets, armchairs, coffee table etc., you’ll need to think how your floor will interact with these items. On this occasion, choose a color that contrasts with your current furniture and other decorative elements in a complementary way. For example if your furniture is light, you may want to consider a darker floor for contrast. It is important that the color of your floor doesn’t match exactly to the color of your furniture or walls. Why? Because if all the color tones are similar, it will make the whole room aesthetically boring, and your new floor invisible. Keeping this in mind will allow you to achieve a harmonious setting.

Consider the size of the room:

Another important factor you need to consider when choosing the right color for hardwood floors, is the size of the room where the floor will be fitted. Avoid picking a dark colored floor for a small size room, as it will make it look even smaller. Instead, go for a light colored flooring such as light oak, in order to convey a sense of greater space. If you decide to install a dark hardwood floor in a small room anyway, keep the color of your walls light.

Consider your room’s light exposures:

The amount of natural light falling on the floor, has a huge impact on how you choose the right color for hardwood floors. If there is enough light coming through the windows, is best to go for darker wood floors, since the light prevents the room from looking too dark. On the other hand if the room is not so bright, choose a light color for your wood floor.

Consider the ceiling of the room:

Choose a light hardwood flooring color if your ceiling is too low and darker colored floor if it’s too high.

Match your existing hardwood floor with the new one:

If you want to add more hardwood on the current wood floors as a part of your renovating project, you’ll need to minimize the visual differences and create the impression that the surface was always like this. In this situation, pick up a color that will blend harmoniously with the finish of your existing hardwood floors. To find out more regarding how to match your existing hardwood floor with a new one, click here.

Here at Floor Sanding Co., we are able to provide you with samples of any wood flooring prior to your purchase. Once requested, this will be sent to you, free of charge. Alternatively, come and visit us at the Floor Sanding Co. superstore and one of our experienced staff members, will be happy to help you choose the right colour for your hardwood flooring.


Frequently, when people think of flooring for the kitchen, their heads immediately go to tile or linoleum. These materials are common in kitchens for some time, and, particularly in the event of tile, are famous due to their durability, ease of cleaning, and immunity to spills. But what many don’t consider is the ideal hardwood with the right finish can be nearly as durable and longer lasting, only as simple to wash, and, perhaps surprisingly, just as resistant to damage from spills. Plus, hardwood gets the advantage of being a timeless choice and will definitely help to tie your kitchen into the rest of your house.


Ask just about any interior designer and they will tell you that, in case you could get hardwood throughout your house, get hardwood throughout your house –such as in kitchen. In fact, within our 2015 survey of 81 designers spread across the U.S., 78% said they prefer to put in hardwood floors throughout the home, rather than in select areas. Especially with a open floor plan, a beautiful hardwood could create a desirable goodwill from room to room. Moreover, like tile, hardwood isn’t as subject to changes in fads and styles, so the hardwood you select now will still look stylish and tasteful 10, 20, and 30 years down the road. Throughout that time, you can also refinish the floors to make a new look, in the event you desire. Removing and replacing tile, on the other hand, is a much bigger, messier, and more expensive ordeal.


Many homeowners express concern about possible damage to hardwood flooring, especially in the kitchen in which liquid spills might be common and traffic will be particularly large. The truth is, any floors is vulnerable to harm from severe clogs, even tile, which can stain and crack like hardwood can warp and scrape. A few simple precautions, however, can prevent most harm.

Your primary line of defense against water damage in addition to dents and dings is your end. For hardwoods in the kitchen, you will probably want to use a water-based polyurethane finish, since these are, somewhat paradoxically, going to be greatest at repelling water.

You will want to consult with your contractor or a few of our floor experts to decide whether you would rather use factory prefinished planks or have your floors finished onsite. The finishes applied by the producer will be the toughest and most durable you can get, but will render shingles slightly more vulnerable to spills. Having your flooring completed onsite means that the end will be implemented over the whole floor simultaneously, sealing those seams, but the technology used to make those super-durable finishes in the mill are, clearly, not available for onsite completing.

In the areas where water is probably to drip onto the floor, such as in the front of the sink, dishwasher, microwave and fridge, lay down a couple of waterproof mats that will stop water from being left standing in your hardwood. Provided that you make sure significant spills are cleaned up right away, you can rest easy. A dab of water or spaghetti sauce on your floor isn’t likely to swell during your end unless it is left to sit for a while.

Since the kitchen will be such a high traffic area, it is generally a good idea to choose one of the tougher domestic hardwoods like Oak or Ash for floors in this area of the home. Even though there are a few exotic species that are substantially harder, their tropical origins often make them less secure when it comes to their reaction to moisture in the environment.

You also need to give careful attention to if you want to use solid or engineered flooring. There are benefits to either. Solid flooring will let you refinish over once or twice, which can significantly extend the lifetime (and flexibility ) of your floors. But because the grain from solid wood runs all in one way, it is more susceptible to growth from moisture. Because of this, a lot of people choose to go with engineered wood to the kitchen because of its firmness.

One thing that almost all experts will tell you is that, to get a kitchen, or any room, actually, with higher traffic, you will want to decide on a species and finish which are lighter in colour. These will tend to show scratches and dings much less than darker flooring. Designers also advise that you select a floor that will contrast with cabinets and furniture. Consequently, when you have solid white cupboards, you may want to choose something like * which has a brightly colored grain. On the other hand, if your cabinets are obviously finished walnut, then you may wish to opt for something like * that is a little darker (although still mild enough to hide scrapes ) and also has a bit more reddish to its own tone.

One of the things which homeowners with hardwood flooring in the kitchen consistently mention is the fact that it’s a lot easier on their feet and feet. The reduced density of wood, even hardwood, means it has a degree of give that stone and tile, and sometimes even linoleum, do not have. Though the variance might appear slight when you, say, wrap on the floor with your knuckles, people who invest a great deal of time on their feet in the kitchen can always tell the difference.

It’s often a surprise for homeowners when they find that installing hardwood in their own kitchen could cost no more than installing the tile they have selected. This is for a few reasons. To begin with, tile cannot be installed just any subfloor, so additional work–pricey work–is frequently required to prepare flooring to support tile. Homeowners sometimes also find this to purchase tiles of the quality they are looking for– more durable, stylish, easy to keep –will be more expensive than to obtain a similar amount of hardwood, which almost universally conveys these qualities.

Although it’s always important to wash your hardwood floors regularly, this isn’t the major job it is sometimes made out to be. A simple run using a dust mop or vacuum a couple of times a week and occasional cleaning with an excellent hardwood floor cleaner is the regular maintenance you should need. On top of this, you need only make sure you clean up spills and dirt right away and shield high-traffic areas in front of doorways and under pet bowls with mats and rugs, just as you would with any other floor surface.

Another option that is now popular for the kitchen is bamboo floors. People today enjoy cork in the kitchen since it creates the warm feeling of pure timber, but is even easier on the joints and feet than hardwood. Additionally, it tends to jumpstart falling jars and dishes and recovers nicely from scratches and dings, which can be helpful in a busy kitchen. Professionally installed, cork can readily be sealed to resist spills and splashes and, even though less durable as hardwood, it is almost as long-lasting as tile and much less difficult to replace if the time comes. If you’re curious, check out our article about the sources, characteristics, and types of bamboo flooring.


SONY DSCWhen you put money into a new hardwood flooring, you’ve made a good decision. To make sure your decision stays good in the long term depends on the suitable maintenance. There is no escaping the fact that a wood floor that’s well cared will remain good looking for more. What exactly do you need to think about when cleaning your hardwood floor?

The very first thing to be aware of is that prevention is far better than cure when it comes to wood floor maintenance. While most wear and tear can be fixed on an excellent hardwood flooring, it’s a fact that a little routine maintenance will save you having to heavily invest in maintenance later on.

Here are our Top 3 Prevention Tips:

1. Invest in a fantastic doormat. The majority of the foreign items that harm your flooring come in on sneakers. There is a fantastic debate for investing in a top excellent doormat and ensuring men and women use it. Ideally you must possess a scrubbing doormat out and also an absorbing doormat inside.

2. Vacuum and mop using a moist cleanser regularly. A fast daily sweep or vacuum cleaner around your residence will pay big dividends when it comes to harm to your flooring. Picking up the dust and dirt that flows your doormats is a fast and effortless task and will protect your flooring from unnecessary harm. As soon as you’re finished with vacuuming and sweeping, pass across the ground with a moist (not wet) mop should you want to.

3. Tackle stains and spills as soon as humanly possible. It is worth being cautious when it comes to stains and spills. Mopping up a spill as soon as you can will stop your floor from creating a blot.

If it comes to more drastic cleaning of your wood floor, in fact, there are dozens of products on the marketplace. A few of the names you’ll hear most frequently are: Bona, Kahrs, Osmo, Junckers, Marldon, Morrells, Lecol, Treatex, W.O.C.A, Ronseal and Sika as well as many more products, some of which might only be accessible on a trade basis. Consequently, in case you decide you wish to provide your wood floor a very deep clean, which hardwood floor cleaning product might work great for you?

Blanchon Lagoon Trigger

This cleansing product includes a really handy spray and is suitable for the two lacquered and oiled floors. It’s odour free and does not require rinsing, meaning you could clean your flooring efficiently. This option is ideal for day-to-day or week-to-week maintenance and can be obtained with a spray gun or as a refill pack.

Blanchon Natural Soap For Oiled Floors

Ideal for cleaning Organic and UV Oiled flooring. Based on vegetable ingredients and enriched with organic oils, Natural Soap is powerful and totally safe with a brand new fragrance. It preserves and enhances the natural-looking end of an oiled floor.

Natural Soap to Oiled Floors should just be diluted (125ml to 5 litres of water) and implemented with a damp floorcloth, micro-fibre mop or sponge mop: mops or fabrics should be well wrung out to avoid getting the timber flooring too moist. Rinse the mop or cloth frequently during cleaning.

Treatex Floor Care Floor Cleaner

When your floor becomes dull and dirty use Treatex Floor Care – maintenance and cleaning product for flooring finished with Treatex Hardwax Oil.

Treatex Floor Care contains vegetable oils and carnauba wax, meaning that since the surface has been cleaned a lean replenishing and protective coating of wax is also implemented without turning your floor slippery. This product has a neutral PH value and contains no solvents.

WOCA Oil Refresher

Oil Refresher is used for routine cleaning and upkeep of oiled wood floors. Oil Refresher organic is typically used for natural oiled and color oiled floors and Oil Refresher white for white Engineered hardwood flooring. Oil Refresher combines effective cleaning using re-oiling as well oil is entering to the wood of the floor forming a pad protective layer in the surface.

WOCA Natural Soap

Organic Soap is excellent for cleaning and maintenance of oiled, waxed and soaped surfaces. The Natural Soap is particularly ideal for floors, furniture, dining table tops and panels. The fatty Natural Soap forms a protective film on the ground. Natural Soap white and grey are recommended for surfaces treated with white and gray oil, while Natural Soap natural is perfect for surfaces treated with natural or Colour Oil.

WOCA Maintenance Paste

Woca Maintenance Paste is used for the upkeep and preservation of all oiled wood flooring. It supplies the floor with a dirt- and – water-resistant surface, and this can be weatherproof. Maintenance Paste is provided in a very convenient tube and is not difficult to apply. The paste is especially acceptable for industrially Engineered timber flooring – also UV-olied floors. Maintenance Paste organic is suitable for dark timber types, whereas Maintenance Paste white is used for light types. The paste may be applied and buffed manually using a white pad or using a polishing machine.

If you’d like help to pick the ideal cleaning product on your hardwood flooring, why not get in touch so we can provide help?


shutterstock_73378072Moisture causes more damage to wood flooring than almost any other variable, and it could quickly ruin the attractiveness and comfort you have come to count on from hardwood or engineered wood flooring. Recognizing how moisture damage occurs and learning how to treat your hardwood floors properly helps to reduce the risk of damage.

Stages of Moisture Damage

Homeowners learn how to take decent care of their wood flooring, wiping up spills, avoiding the use of certain cleaners, brooms and mops and normally keeping fluids from the surface of their floors. But did you know that the phases of moisture damage extend far beyond these instances?

Common problems associated with moisture damage include:

  • Cupping — If the edges of the flooring planks Grow up and the Center remains low, commonly Brought on by seasonal humidity Fluctuations, improperly dried Merchandise or a Moist subfloor
  • Fractures or gapping — If Big or Irregular Openings Arise between the Boards, commonly Brought on by Fluctuations in the relative humidity of the Space
  • crowning or buckling — If the Center of the plank Climbs and the Borders Stay lower, Resulting mainly by Flood or major surface Clogs

Early stages of moisture damage may be limited to certain regions of the room, or even certain planks. Damage spreads and worsens as the issue progresses or remains unaddressed. Extreme crowning is known as buckling, also gapping is able to move into cupping if the relative humidity problem continues.

Knowing How to Stop Early Stages of Moisture Damage

Wood flooring products have to be properly conditioned before setup in order to make narrow-flooring-main-picpowerful, durable floors. Consider These requirements and talk to your wood flooring installer about the steps of preparation:

  • Planks need to be properly dried Before installation – some Goods are Sent pre-dried, while others are conditioned at the House
  • subflooring must be dry Before installation – this is especially Significant for concrete floors, which should be sealed and prepped with a Steady subfloor Construction and underlayment
  • any water leaks should be repaired and any spills, puddles and standing water dried – Fix cracks and install water treatment Approaches before installing Hardwood floors

Seasonal changes often cause similar conditions to moisture damage, however, the wood flooring will readjust and eventually return to normal conditions.

Homeowners and contractors will need to work together before installation in order to decide on the perfect kind of flooring, subfloor and underlayment for those conditions. Always comply with the established industry guidelines and browse through the company’s instructions before investing in your hardwood floors.

Water damage is more expensive for both contractors and homeowners, in addition to for retailers and flooring manufacturers. With education, understanding and the appropriate steps of preparation it is possible to stay away from moisture damage to wood floors and enjoy decades of beauty.



photos-hgtv-chevron-hardwood-floor-white-bathtub-and-glass-door-shower-in-bright-contemporary-bathroom_chevron-wooden-floor_home-decor_home-decor-blog-decorators-rugs-decorating-catalogHardwood flooring has always been a favorite option for people renovating their home, offering a sense of timeless style and luxury to whatever room it’s put in. When it comes to bathrooms however, many men and women are under the belief that timber is totally unsuitable for flooring, and instead opt for a more practical but less aesthetically pleasing option like lino or tile.

However, what if you’ve got hardwood floors across the remainder of your house, and want to have some goodwill in your toilet? The good news is that hardwood could be a perfectly suitable flooring option for your bathroom, as long as you do your research and understand what wood to use, the way to finish it, and how to keep it.

The reason that lots of people would never even consider hardwood floors in their toilet is a result of the high levels of moisture and changes in temperature the room will undergo. As we’ve discussed in the past, moisture, humidity and temperature changes can all have an effect on hardwood, causing it to expand or contract.

To combat this problem, it is advisable to select a species of timber that is durable and reasonably resistant to moisture, like merbau or walnut. Alternatively, you can opt for an engineered timber , which can be made by cross layering, gluing and pressing together multiple layers of plywood and other substances. While engineered wood is tough and durable, people often prefer the appearance and feel of real hardwood flooring.

If you choose to go for hardwood on your toilet, employing a finish like hardwax oil can help provide an excess layer of protection to your flooring. Hardwax oil is among the most well-known varieties of finish for wooden flooring, as it provides a durable, durable finish whilst at the same time forming an excellent repellent barrier for dirt and water.

Another way to safeguard hardwood flooring from moisture is via using mats. Any areas that are more at risk of spillages, like round the bath and bathroom, may have mats using waterproof backing positioned on them.

As soon as you’ve taken these steps, as long as you are cautious with any spillages and make sure they are cleared up right away, there is no reason why you can’t enjoy amazing hardwood floors in your bathroom.


3-mild-liquid-soap-with-warm-waterWhen it comes to maintaining a hardwood flooring, there are a few important points which are well worth remembering to make sure that your flooring not only lasts you for many years but remains amazing.

Hardwood floors has become a popular choice when it comes to flooring for people’s houses and offices. They want their houses to look their best and this can readily be achieved if you use hardwood flooring. It can be laid in many different different rooms in your home with various kinds of wood which can adapt and develop long after it is placed in your home.

When cleansing your hardwood flooring, you can opt to either sweep, vacuum and wash in order to maintain clean. It is important that any spills of liquids are quickly taken out of the hardwood floor as this can lead to damage in the future and can be difficult to fix should it become a serious issue. Similarly, when you are mopping your hardwood flooring you ought to keep the quantity of water used to a minimum to avoid any unnecessary harm to the floor itself.

By properly maintaining your flooring, you’ll have the ability to appreciate it for several years to come.

How to Choose a Hardwood Stain Color

wood-species-300x200Selecting from one of the countless hardwood stains for your hardwood floor is not always a fast, simple endeavor. Many things need to be taken into account like harmonizing the colour with your house’s structure, room size, ceiling, height, colour and texture of walls, furniture’s style and color. With many of colors to pick from you can create a complete for any design thought.

3 Professional Suggestions On How to Choose a Hardwood Stain Color for Your Floor
1. Color stain makes attributes standout
Choose the furnishings, cabinets, wood trim or other things with an effect on the floor shade.

Remember, you do not need to match colour, however comparison, compliment and create depth to achieve the desired mood

2.  Hardwood floor shade concerns
In recent decades, dark color hardwood stains, like Jacobean, Royal Mahogany and Dark e2977305-16ab-499b-b575-6c2bd04abd6cWalnut are becoming increasingly popular because they provide a formal and sophisticated look.

They also cause a warm and cozy feel to the room.The drawbacks to a darker color wood flooring are that dust and scratches stand out a bit more, making care more of a challenge.

To maximize sunlight, create a spacious feeling or decorate a darker room, pick a lighter shade. Light colours bring a neutral balance to the room. They add a sense of cheerfulness and wear better than dark floors.Mid tone wood stains, such as Provincial or Golden Walnut, operate well in traditional homes and hide a few of the blemishes in elderly hardwood.

3.. Create the final color choice
If you begin with three colour choices, eliminate the one you like the least. Next, test the two remaining samples in daylight and below the mild at night.Step back and evaluate the effect beside the walls, baseboard, furnishings, and the floors of adjoining rooms and other items.Walk off for a few minutes and go back to the room.

Pay close attention to that of the wood spots makes the most impact as you reenter the room.

Why choosing the right floor sanding company is important?

Why choosing the right floor sanding company is important?

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Hardwood flooring – luxury or necessary?


  Hardwood flooring – luxury or necessary?

Everyone wants to have luxurious and beautiful homes and for that they are willing to spend money on them. Flooring is quite important factor in each home interior and it completes the whole look of the area. Nowadays flooring for homes is available in different materials. An old saying says that while building a new house, flooring is the thing which cannot be ignored. This is why the elegance and benefits of hardwood flooring can not be ignored. Solid hardwood is a versatile flooring it is a good choice for main living areas, kitchens, dens and offices and many more! Hardwood floors handle the foot traffic better than any other floor type. When you have children with many toys, and even dogs or other pets this is the right choice for your home interior.With a quality protective coat, along with normal maintenance and cleaning, hardwood floors will be looking great for many decades. This is a seriously durable flooring option. One more benefit of a hardwood floors is that they are easy to clean, and allergens can be removed quickly with a slightly damp mop. Even if one day you need to sale the property with a hardwood floors, they bring quality, warmth and elegance that can make them great advantage! These floors can be refinished five to seven times before they need to be replaced. Therefore, their life can extend to hundred years or more. If you compare the total cost of a hardwood flooring over fifty years with other types that need to be replaced every three years- the cost is quite competitive ! So luxury or necessary, we think that it is much more of a smart choice!

When it comes to choosing wood for your home, you might like to consider the difference between domestic and exotic wood types. Each of these types have it’s own benefits and strengths – domestic & exotic wood bring together a wide range of aesthetic and practical considerations when you are choosing your own wooden floor you may like to know that they both look amazing and function good. They all vary with different characteristics like their colour, hardness and the availability. If you find it hard to do it yourself, contact with our company and find out the right solution for your home area. We work 24/7 ! Visit our website here!